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Your IP address
Location Ashburn, Virginia, United States allows you to view your IP address, and to see where the server is in the world that you are connected to.

Your IP address serves as an identifier of your connection between the device your connection stems from, and the web services (websites, social media, video players) that you are using.

No matter where you are in the world, with Psiphon you can connect to the free and open internet.

It is important to check your IP address to ensure that Psiphon is running.

When you are connected to the Psiphon network, your IP address will have changed from what you see when you are browsing the web without Psiphon enabled.

Psiphon takes your internet connection and runs it through a series of secured proxy networks that constantly change to help you visit the websites you want to visit.

Your connection to the internet is like an extension of your mind:

When you browse the internet, you are looking for information you want to learn more about.

In order to learn about anything, it is important that both your body and your mind are in optimal states. Food + exercise and mindful-wellness are all involved in the process of learning and achieving optimized states of being.

You can think of your connection of your device as an extension of your mind: It is a portal that allows you to access the information that you deem important.

With Psiphon, you can be assured that your connection to the internet is secure and optimized allowing you to see the information you want to learn about, without having to worry about that status of your connection -- wherever in the world you happen to be.

About Whole Bodies Whole Minds:

Psiphon cares about the health of our users. That’s why we created Whole Bodies Whole Minds where you can find articles ranging from recipes to techniques for maintaining wellness for both the body and the mind.

Every article you see on Whole Bodies Whole Minds are written by trusted nutritionists and wellness experts who possess years of knowledge of practice so that they can give you scientifically-grounded advice, and know-how to keep you (and your quest for knowledge) healthy!